A Triangular House Of Harmonious Geometry

Hackney is a curious part of London (UK), and in curiosities come curious spaces. A house with a triangular back garden that sees it's boundary walls come to a point has overthrown its gardens' initial issues and made the most of an irregular plot shape.

Designed by Yellow Cloud Studio, this home extension has helped the homeowners, who work from home but lacking in a dedicated office space for their up-coming startup company, a fantastic addition in what could only be encouraged if you have such a plot shape; don't let it ruin your garden, make the most of it! A home originally Victorian, this extension expands out into the north-facing garden via a very simple, wooden triangle (hosting the study) which in turn distances itself from the existing house by way of a generous, glazed passage. Generating an elongated glass wedge towards the west, the design then also takes advantage of the only source of direct sunlight not blocked by any neighbouring buildings.

Providing luminous access to the study space while offering an area for a large bookshelf and cosy reading corner, the glazed area is but a backdrop to the fantastic triangular structure. The study itself is largely open-plan allowing for numerous configurations, and can always provide ample space for a large desk and a meeting table. Flanked by a gorgeous light-giving glass wedge, entry to the (now very small) landscaped backyard is made via a glazed door.

Said to be the practice's hardest project yet, the sites many constraints have given the homeowners a design with so many benefits. A kind of semi-outdoors space, instead of squeezing the extension up against the home's existing back wall to maximise the garden, this almost freestanding structure (it's not) very much dominates the entire garden giving the effect that the entire plot is well-designed rather than be a home + awkward space. Discover more about the architects online at: YellowCloudStudio.com

Photography credit : Alex Forsey
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