Humans + Birds. A Birdhouse For Both

A feature that is perhaps more peculiar than most, ever fancied inhabiting a treehouse amongst the trees and birds?

Located in British Columbia (Canada), architects Studio North have created a birdhouse shaped home that is designed to be adored by humans and birds alike. An oversized birdhouse to say the least, the structure rests 2.7 metres above the ground on wooden stilts and is sized at over 3 metres tall to enable you to become one with nature. Entirely part of the local environment, this 'treehouse' is a strange concept yet refreshing nonetheless. Designed to house two humans and/or twelve species of birds simultaneously, the architects explain, "...In addition to being an inviting place for people to nest, the whimsical facade has twelve birdhouses, each designed for various local birds that live in the mountains of the Columbia Valley."

Clad in authentic birdhouse shingles, the structure has several openings for birds (circular of course, as you'd expect). Within each, a variety of home sizes are built in order to cater for various different bird species. Offering many nesting opportunities, nothing is amiss with the concept of having bird housing amongst the trees, but humans?

With the structure manufactured from materials found in the local vicinity, much like how birds build their own nests, it is the human's accommodation that is most foreign. Featuring a bed area, sit down area and not much more, the birdhouse tent (definitely not a treehouse), invites campers to live amongst the birds and tree canopy. A sturdy structure made of logs and decking, no guesthouse visitor needs to ever worry for its craftsmanship, though SATORI & SCOUT certainly hope you like ecology as all the birds will literally live in close quarters to where humans sleep. With a combination of passive ventilation and heating acting as a result of the structure's materiality - and it's two circular windows - this birdhouse is really quite convincing in 'how to be a bird'. Discover more about the designer online at:

Photography credit : Studio North
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