Mobile Bike Share Farms

As 2017 progresses, vertical gardens are becoming a popular choice for any urban dweller or studio space, where the benefit of internal greenery gives good wellbeing and contributes health. A Chinese firm taking this one step further is People's Industrial Design Office, having designed a community-driven mobile farm for everyone to share responsibility for it's crops' livelihoods. Named Bike Share Farm, the contraption was invented and built by People's Industrial Design Office (PIDO).

Addressing the compact living lifestyle or urban places, where does one grow plants if not on the ground in acres of space, or on a static wall? Working in a similar way to hydroponics, the triangular steel frame is supported and made mobile by a pair of bikes. Consisting of pipes that run through the frame, each includes plant pot holes. A set of solar panels complete the design to provide energy for a pump that runs water through the system. The design is such to allow new cyclists to quickly swap-in and out as responsibility is shared. With the intention of encouraging a whole community to take part, worthy volunteers are needed for the good of the plant's life. As PIDO co-founder James Shen explains, "We imagine people would ride to a Bike Share Farm location, hook on their bikes and take it to a convenient location. This would allow large numbers of Bike Share Farms to spread throughout the city."

Can you imagine tens if not hundreds of these riding around your city? Discover more about the architects online at:

Photography credit : PIDO
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