Beautiful Bird Hut Terrace Dwelling

This house - or bird hut, figuratively - was originally a modest storage space by it's first owner, a lumberman, that was subsequently converted to a shed second time around by later owners. Third phase, La Colombiare (Dovery) is the completion of the site's construction into a true retreat that now expands across three floors.

Located in Sutton (Canada), the simple one-storey construction is spread over three floors and has been designed by YH2. Keeping the original footprint of the building in touch in attempt to preserve the surrounding nature, the latest phase's design was inspired by the natural growth of trees. Namely, the relationship that a tree, tree house and bird house each have to the soil beneath remains the same irrespective of how much vertical grow occurred. In its mature state, the home replicates typical tree canopies.

Constructed without any trees being cut or the usage of any heavy machinery, the final result of La Colombiere is a refuge sanctuary perched in the forest reminding us of bird huts; reminding and metaphorically being one. Complete with a dark cedar exterior to echo the bark of the tall surrounding conifers, the interior is all-white to create an obvious contrast. On the ground floor exposed structure can be found to offer a direct internal/external link between rooms and the forest€™s soil, the first-floor offers various rooms that are each connected via a vertical stairwell, and the pinnacle of the dwelling's design can be found on its top floor, a pentagonally shaped terrace that acts as a bird hut amongst the surroundings. Beautiful, what could be more SATORI & SCOUT's favourite aspirational lifestyle than that terrace!

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Photography credit : YH2 Architects

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