Experimental LIGA Gradient Objects

Poetic, well-designed furniture doesn't have to cost ridiculous prices, and in fact, accessibly priced designs are those that SATORI & SCOUT particularly like as a contributor to the aspirational lifestyle. Championing 'form follows function', modular and contemporary design over objects with frivolities, excessive form and ill-tasted aesthetics, LIGA is an experimental design that illustrates just how simple design is good design. A collaboration between Pierre Alexandre Cesbron (ENSCI) and Matthieu Muller (Design Academy Eindhoven), LIGA was made at ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris during their semester supervised by Jean Francois Dingjian. Together, the result of their ideas is the possibility of creating simple, functional and poetic reflections in which objects can talk for themselves.

The LIGA design range includes a storage furniture, box, bedside unit and coffee table, and these everyday objects draw their identity by a colour game, expressed by a gradient that arises from the tension exerted by the ligature. LIGA's ligature does also have a function, linking the top part to the bottom part and acting as a central hinge. Designed and manufactured by efficient logic, the bottom part symmetrically assembles two identical elements welcoming the ligature at its centre. Additionally, the application of the gradient by sublimation allowing unlimited reproduction. Neat stuff, huh?! Discover more about the designers' work online at: ENSCI.com

Photography credit : ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris
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