Minimalist, Hung Reading Storage Solution

We all love to read, right? What happens when the quantity of books or magazines that we are currently finding ourselves meandering through gets to a point that the one at the bottom gets forgotten? Usually magazines and books reside or are stored on tables or shelves, but Ãlvaro Diaz Hernandez has created a new product idea of which they can soon call home.

Without any clunky shelving or no messy and informal table arrangements, the ON book and magazine holder that has been designed for NYOVA is about a minimalist as you can possibly get, offering just solid beech cubes and leather cords that combined create a wonderfully simple storage solution.

Four wooden cubes can be found dangling at the base of heavy-duty leather cords, each acting as a kind of placeholder for your reading material to nestle themselves upon. To utilise, all you have to do is slide a cord between the relevant page of the book or magazine you're reading and let the bottom of the paper / cardboard rest on the cube. Instant storage and an instant page bookmark - neat, huh?

Almost an evolving art installation, you can gradually change the books or magazines on display overtime, as you read, or perhaps leave your favourite ones there as a momento to the great read. A decorative and highly practical storage solution, there is perhaps nothing more minimalist of a design that is in line with the SATORI & SCOUT aspirational lifestyle. Discover and purchase online at

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