Japanese Designed Cloud Chair

SATORI & SCOUT really are quite impressed with the abundance of Japanese design ideas surfacing and being featured in recent weeks, and the latest to be released by Japan's Osaka-born, Montreal-based (Canada) Mitz Takahashi is a reclining chair that doesn't technically have any chair seat, yet provides comfort beyond belief.

Of original design, the Kumo Chair means 'Cloud Chair' in Japanese and the matt black frame is minimalist in design but maximised in function, being structure to a large, comfortable pillow that dangles at rest between little more than two light-wooded dowel bars. Of hammock (or sling?) inspiration, the harmoniously comfortable Cloud Chair certainly looks very good, particularly with it's contrast of having a 'light' pillow that is large, and a 'strong' structure that is thin and elegant. With angles and geometry of the frame contrasting with the fluidity of the pillow, the chair's design is really quite awesome. When components serve more than one function then you know that the design is efficient, and this all-black colourway chair is certainly high on SATORI & SCOUT's contemporary furniture wishlist.

Discover more about the designer at MitzTakahashi.com.

Photography credit : Mitz Takahashi
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