Adaptable Office Of Nature And Activity

LivePerson are a company of modern communication, and as such, their workplace is equally contemporary. Turning what is perhaps a standard office space of no particular design or aspiration into a workplace that supports a fantastic work-lifestyle, SATORI & SCOUT are more than impressed by the transformation. No designer should ever underestimate the power of nature on the livelihoods of any space's users.

Designed by Tokyo (Japan) based architects FrontOffice, the concept behind the idea was that LivePerson's work is essentially spatially invisible and forever online-only. Without requiring mass infrastructure, the office is clean and open yet ironically full of nature's favourite foliage. A highly effective space for communication between team members, the contemporary space is defined by specific activities and the people that are taking part rather than permanently prescribed zones. With a very limited amount of objects in the room - a table, wardrobe, lounge and seats at most - plants are cleverly arranged around the room depending on whether the space is for a party, meetings, general day to day etc.

Offering the ability to be continually re-planned, SATORI & SCOUT reckon this is a fantastic design concept and will really help people be more empowered and encourage group work in general. Well done LivePerson on setting your brief this way!

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Photography credit : Front Office Tokyo

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