Flying Nest Around The World

We all dream of travelling the world, near and far, discovering all the fruit that the world has to bear, and there is no question that travelling opens your mind and your inner spirit. Now imagine a hotel room that has the intrinsic ability to also travel around the world, quite literally following behind its clients to all kinds of business meetings, festivals, events or anything - literally - no matter how inaccessible the location may be (Everest?). Introducing a brand new concept by the world-renown hotel group AccorHotels, suchlike is all now a reality with their new 'Flying Nest', a kind of 'nomadic accommodation'.

Designed by Ora-Ito, the entire concept revolves around shipping container bedrooms - no, not that original, we know - that have been manufactured from eco-friendly wood to ensure an almost chalet-like feel. Each measuring a total of 12 square metres, the individual containers all come equipped with a living area, private bathroom and large picture-sized window that will most-beautifully frame any landscape. Entirely of a modular design, the layout of the containers on any site will allow for community and privacy in one. Self-sufficient, these homes will be as useful and awesome whether found someplace hot or cold, or even in one's own back yard.

With the concept already well-popularised, AccorHotels might really be onto something here. Described as an "immersive experience more than just a room", you can understand why with any such landscape doing it's thing and providing the most nomadic of contexts. With previous prototype testing undergoing successful launches, the hotel group is planning on rolling these out in the near future. One notable occasion when testing a Flying Nest is the designer's own experience of Le Mans, with Ito able to watch the entirety of the 24 hour race from the comfort of his bed. With Avoriaz ski resort earmarked as the first public testing location, who will be the lucky guests? (Probably not us). Discover more about the architects online at:

Photography credit : Ora-Ito

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