Mexican Retreat Of Two Families

We've seen some impressive houses at SATORI & SCOUT, and had the pleasure of visiting many, but this Mexican house might just be winning the league table for 'Best Design'. Designed by Andres Escobar Arquitectos studio, this huge yet modest house sits atop of stone plinth and can be found in the depths of the woods of Tapalpa, a town in Jalisco (Mexico).

Lived in by two families, the living arrangements of this three-storey Casa PE might not sound to your tastes but such dwelling can accommodate yet even further guests. As described by the architects, "...each family has their own private areas, but shares the social areas such as the dining and living rooms." Do you know a family so well that you would actively live with them? Not everyone's idea of homeliness, but do read on.

Characterised by sitting on such a monumental stone plinth that creates a flat platform upon which the oversized home expands beyond, the home's elevated terrace offers views to behold. With contrasting cladding, steeply pitched roofs and a wonderful material palette (not to mention this beautiful glass box on the rear of the property), the home creates a beautiful backdrop to the garden that lies around. Offering expansive glass doors that open the home's double-family areas to the outdoors, there are quite a few features that bully each other to take centre stage, yet instead of being overpowering, just work so well with one another.

As the architects continue, "Sharp geometrical structures and a notable contrast between materials and textures were the result of a meticulous design process...the topography and numerous trees on the property were a major challenge for the design, as a decision was made to preserve the site intact." Preserving the entire surroundings, "...the natural slope allows the private rooms on the second floor as well as the common spaces on the ground floor access to the gardens." Set within a cosy, natural environment, the home literally invites you in and lets you absorb nature's finest views in all their glory. Discover more about the designer at:

Photography credit : Aearquitectos

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