The Space Saving Ollie Chair

Furniture is arguably a home's biggest character asset, and whether in a public place, your house, someone else's home or otherwise, the often drawback to such a product type is their size. New to the market, the Ollie Chair by RockPaperRobot might just become the next big innovation on furniture design.

Now featuring on Kickstarter, the Ollie Chair is versatile, follows 'form follows function' principles and is set to be adopted by designer's at large. Already achieving it's Kickstarter goal, the piece of collapsible furniture is really well conceived. Able to provide that ever needed seating provision, where and when needed, the chair has the easy ability to fold up and be stored out of sight on a nearby wall. With rear-side hooks to store the design in a way that it instantly becomes a piece of wall-art, the spectacular space saver is certainly worth a purchase.

Offering a slatted wood design (tambour), the chair's fluid form between upright and fully functional is as easy as it is sitting down itself. With an aluminium structure to hold such functional engineering, the lightweight seating option is resilient, durable and rather quite unique. It has been advertised to be customisable by way of the wood's materiality, which we suppose could be an option, and therefore become an interactive piece of design for an artist or child, but SATORI & SCOUT might suggest to keep these chairs in their true glory. Keeping a low profile against the wall, no longer will you need to clamber around the set of chairs to reach an item on the other side of your ever decreasing-in-size home.

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Photography credit : Kickstarter

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