Metis Desk Of Ultimate Storage

Do you get as excited as we do when new working furniture is released? Yes, it is a niche interest, no, we're not expecting you to jump around your kitchen at the sight of a photo of a clean desk. But to this, we question, why not?! The benefits of a clean desk are endless and the lack of storage of the modern day person is a serious issue. With clutter made hidden and your work life made more efficient, then there is much more time to go about finding the finer things in life. This desk by WeWood is just the space saving number that you, and everyone, needs.

With the ability to really improve your organisation needs, this table that has been designed by Gonçalo Campos for Wewood, and called Metis (here meet Metis), is made from either oak or walnut solid wood and is both compact and space resourceful with many compartments and sections to use at your disposal. With one of the compartments secret and hidden, Metis is ideal for that minimalist look and appeal. Store everything from paperclips to documents, agenda to post-its, the desk has been really nicely designed for all your office needs. It even hides your electric cables and wires for the ultimate tidiness. Discover more and purchase online at:

Photography credit : Goncalo Campos

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