Airstream Glamping At AutoCamp

With the topic of glamping being one that SATORI & SCOUT have shared before with projects such as Hutte Hut or Null Stern Hotel, AutoCamp is but another of wonderful design and even more beautiful experience. Adding luxury to camping (though like many of you, SATORI & SCOUT do love tradition camping equally so), the California-based luxury glamping AutoCamp is amongst the best that we've scouted.

Located in walking distance from both beaches and redwood forests, and complete with wonderful amenities, the glamping location at Russian River (USA) is certainly worth a visit. With interiors designed by Geremia Design, the campsite boasts 25 custom Airstream trailers and 10 luxury tents that are each available for reservation. Unlike some glamping projects that are finished with all dots and crosses applied to all their i's and t's, the AutoCamp reserves some natural experience and applies a wonderful balance of luxury and true to traditional camping assets.

The site is complete with a central pavilion to be a lounge and community hub for all the glamping site's guests to meet and mingle. Offering indoor and outdoor fire pits, bikes for you to borrow to go and explore, wifi and a shop filled with local beers, wines and camping essentials, what else would you want? With USA state parks, a river and the Pacific Ocean so closeby, SATORI & SCOUT really cannot decide what is a better proposition, the nights sleep in an Airstream or the fresh oxygenated outdoors.

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Photography credit : AutoCamp

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