Geometric and Modular Air Planters

Living in a fantastically aspirational world where plants and planters have become synonymous for good design, SATORI & SCOUT may have just found the King of planters, the Queen of wall art, the epitome of the aspirational lifestyler's eye for design. You are even forgiven to think that any interior space, or even food plate, is incomplete and inharmonious without anything green featured.

As such an integral part to a contemporary space's design, Moana Design Studio have wonderfully designed a modular design and easy concept of how you might feature plants in your home, office or garden's space. Named the Modular Air Planter, the simple series of triangular elements are able to attach to any flat surface - normally a wall would suffice for this purpose - and beautifully hold your air plants.

A conventional air-planting pot for building a vertical garden would normally require the high cost of time and gardening expense, but the Modular Air Planter has been designed to counter all it's limitations. With no material required and the air plants easy to tend, its colours and shape are pleasant on the eye and welcoming on the plant's growth. Inspired by a beehive configuration that is composed of hexagons connecting together, the Modular Air Planter is perhaps the most subtle way you shall ever be able to turn heads, and equally, create new wall art patterns.

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Photography credit : Moana Design Studio

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