Messying Your Home By Joel Blanco

SATORI & SCOUT are often promoting that refined and high-aspirational lifestyle, but let's step back a little and remind ourselves of something messier. Designed by Joel Blanco, this furniture range is designed to re-add mess into people's homes. How odd, but nicely fitting we say - every house has some mess! Consisting of two pieces of furniture, the collection titled 'Messless' is manufactured from hard foam and orange-coloured polyurethane rubber. With smaller pieces of foam intertwined amongst the larger frames, everything appears very haphazard and random, yet all strategically located to work as a good clothes rack and supporting shelving frame.

Chaotic in every sense, Blanco describes, "...Messless challenges the idea of order. It does not facilitate organisation in the traditional way. What many would call disorder is the only possible order in this furniture. We will always find our ways to create a mess, it's in us, I just try to find more ways to embrace it and the possibilities are endless." Offering a side table and wardrobe solution, just how much mess do you subconsciously create and is messy furniture the solution to our inner selves who just loves to create mess? For those of us who feel at home in mess - or at least our own mess, that is - this design might look somewhat refreshing against the plethora of clean furniture solutions that SATORI & SCOUT and other designers continually communicate. Discover more about the designer online at:


Photography credit : Baslab
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