Maximising Room In A Modern Tiny Home

Are you ever tempted by our array of tiny homes? Probably high on many people's agenda, but a definite 'no' on others, these compact, semi-movable/relocatable homes are certainly interesting. With some boasting to be off the grid in every sense while some but a retreat of cosy comforts, could you ever see yourself living in such accommodation?

Focusing on two designs from the portfolio of Modern Tiny Living - the 'Clover' and the 'Cocoa' - this Ohio-based company (USA) is certainly packing their punch when it comes to creating small spaces, and at the same time, making them appear so much larger than they really are. A home on wheels with all the life essentials that you'd ever require, what makes Modern Tiny Living's homes stand out against our other small home designs is their abundance of storage space and their loftiness of roof height, both characteristic of a traditional home. As shown by the gallery, these two highlighted designs of Modern Tiny Living show a real effort at maximising storage and comfort, whilst minimising wasteful spaces. Entirely functional in every respect, doesn't each space look so comfortable too?

Featuring multi-purpose storage, cabinetry et al. with many life hacks to create imaginative spaces and double-functions, both homes feature lofted bedroom areas above their kitchens, which in turn, can be found adjacent to all lounging facilities. Both made from a beautiful wood construction, each measures but only 20 - 24 square foot areas. Wow. Giving the homeowner the ability to realistically customise their modern tiny home to any specification that they would want, Modern Tiny Living certainly know how to live life on the light and easy side. Discover more about the home designs online at:

Photography credit : Modern Tiny Living

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