The Nolla AirBnb Of Simple Comforts

If you could search for the ultimate 'entire home' on AirBnB, SATORI & SCOUT reckon this could be a contender for first place. Designed by Robin Falck and located on Vallisaari, a Finnish island near Helsinki (Finland), the home is titled 'nolla' and such a word is Finnish for zero. How simple.

Built entirely from sustainable materials using locally sourced pine and plywood, the small home gives it's AirBnB guests an entirely zero-emission holiday. Successfully achieving this in part due to it's small size - roughly the size of a single bedroom - such a simple premise as being a mirrored A-frame with a single glass window all contribute towards the lack of energy requirements.

Designed by cradle-to-cradle principles, a design concept that is inspired by nature in which products are created according to the principles of an ideal Circular Economy (for which SATORI & SCOUT are massive supporters), the tiny hotel room cum cabin instils the thought of bringing little in terms of luggage. As Falck explains, "...having a smaller house, it automatically forces you to bring less stuff there and also bearing in mind that whatever you carry with you, you will have to carry with you when you leave."

Entirely designed on-site with minimal transportation required, Falck continues, "...the pedestals are adjustable so that the cabin can adapt to different kinds of terrain. In essence, there are no special parts used in building it - a replica of any part can be made from scratch by anyone, all they need is timber."

A perfect design solution, the general shape of the cabin is similar to that of a tent, and in such simplicity, gives such a beautiful view upon waking up each morning. Without any modern commodities - though there is a light - the cabin focuses on self-sufficiency and low-impact living, and in respect to true Nordic tradition, there isn't even an indoor bathroom (an outhouse is located nearby). Sourcing all it's energy from the roof's solar panels and renewable diesel in part from waste, doesn't everything sound and look so nomadic? Discover more and book your stay online at:

Photography credit : Robin Falck

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