Great Tape (Tables) Of Yesteryear

Do you remember when there was a time when your friend's mix tape, a love letter from a crush, or an endlessly playing cassette in your parent's car would change your entire day's outlook? Those days were great, especially considering all we have now are endless playlists often filled with half-decent B-side tracks, intangible text messages or the sound of a monotonous radio station DJ. Altar Furniture, however, have other ideas and they can wittily offer you the chance to "...pause, rewind, and let that happen again with their tables."

Exact 1:10 scale copies of compact music cassettes, these awesomely fully functioning pieces of furniture are part of Altar's Great Tape collection. A variation of coffee table meets dining table meets study desk, your favourite cassette can now become your prized asset in your home.

Designed and built by hand to reinvigorate that fantastic nostalgic feeling of discovering music like there was available in yesteryear, Altar explains that their furniture designs are inspired by everything from "...legendary demos, classic albums, bastardly bootlegs, mixes (comps) making a statement and also more contemporary influences for those looking for something really special."

Crafted from MDF, The Great Tapes are superbly handpainted using top quality autograde paints, and are decorated with vinyl decals. The tables are complete with iron legs that are sandblasted and powdercoated, and meticulously contain 120 metres of satin to give you that real tape feeling. Yes, you are right in thinking, the wheels do in fact turn in the cassette.

Certainly not of the ordinary, other furniture on offer from the brand include pinball machine tables, droid coffee tables, arcade machine coffee tables and amp speaker seating, and SATORI & SCOUT cannot think of anything more retro-awesome for your aspirational home.

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