Living In A Tiny House By New Frontier

You might have noticed that the conversion of shipping containers into dwellings, out-houses or studios has been getting a great deal of press recently. Much like living or working within an industrial warehouse, just at a much smaller scale, their modular design has been the principle reason for their acceleration into international architecture and fashion circles. Of the same ilk, perhaps the most 'complete' shipping container renovation that SATORI & SCOUT has certainly seen is the Alpha Tiny House, by New Frontier Homes.

Modest and garden shed-like, this small 240 square foot home sets itself apart from most others on the market due to the fact that the home actually includes essential features that are commonplace in a regular home, yet regularly compromised in a modular shipping container renovation. Even with a full sized tub and shower with jacuzzi, who says that downsizing meant you had to lose your favourite home comforts? Equal to the bathing provisions, the home offers a large eight person dining table that can be erected in the home's middle and when not in use, stored hidden beneath the raised kitchen.

Also accompanied with bench seats, the ability for the dining table to slide out and fold up ensures that no dead space is present in the home's design, yet within 5 minutes, provides you with the full capabilities to entertain friends. All of the windows and sliding doors can open fully, making the whole transit vehicle a large open space to relax under during the day, and maybe stargaze from by night.

In addition to the home's perks, there is also a wonderful contrast of material and style. With materials that include shou sugi ban cedar for its cladding, metal seam for its roof and reclaimed barnwood for its ceilings, such quality matches the homes' provisions; though the multi-functionality and optimisation of space are the honest benefits of this tiny house. Available at just shy of £60,000, being the proud homeowner of this house might not be so readily accessible, but will you ever find a better alternative? Unlikely.

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