Soft Edges Blurring Broombank's Boundaries

When we all thought that the Summer sun was just about leaving us for another year, SATORI & SCOUT discover the most fantastic yellow furniture to brighten up anyone's day.

Located on River Alde in Suffolk (England), this house is modestly titled 'Broombank' and has been designed by SOUP Architects; simply stunning. Located in an area designated as some of England's most beautiful landscape, the home particularly acts as a superb backdrop to a swimming pool that defines everything that the aspirational dream should aspire to. Perfectly remote in the countryside by being hidden behind a sunken entrance courtyard, the informal home offers various angular living spaces that each open out into the expansive marshland landscape within which said swimming pool is nicely found. An almost extension to the River Alde beyond, the homeowners and architects have certainly created a fantastic project, responding very well to the context and conditioning an idyllic connection between the interior and exterior.

Permitting such an inside/outside relationship are these fantastically generous sliding glass doors that allow the surrounding landscape to be ever present throughout the house, as well as these carefully located rooflights and wall openings to particularly complement the interior's naturally finished oak panels, power floated white concrete floors and handmade Petersen bricks. Against all these natural and clean colours are statement infusions of vibrant yellow furniture, all the more adding richness (and even more sunshine) to every internal space. Built with many sustainable agendas all considered, the home ticks every box of informal meets well-considered, natural meets contemporary, inside meets outside. With so many categoric lines blurred, which do you prefer(?): the majestic lines of the home's roof or the undulating wild turf lawn that creates that beautiful softened edge to the house into which the black lined pool extends? Discover more about the architects online at:

Photography credit : SOUP Architects

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