Warehouse Loft Of Utmost Design Honesty

In SATORI & SCOUT's opinion, whenever any designer goes about a project, they should always begin with the question: how to make something as honest as possible? Whether that be keeping the wheels on a car circular or having windows facing upwards to capture the moon that is most-usually found above us rather than underground (okay, silly examples, we admit), but when designing a loft warehouse conversion, too many designers remove all character from the building and simply use it's four walls for just that; just four walls.

Located in one of Clerkenwell's finest warehouse buildings, this fantastic apartment loft home has been designed by Henley Halebrown Rorrison Architects and boasts a singular open plan layout to maximise it's honesty against being exactly not just four walls. Measuring around 2,000 square feet, the original building is there to be seen in all it's glory and the only separating forms found across the building are a set of shuttered-concrete stacks that form the bathroom and dressing area; an elegant cantilevered stainless-steel kitchen is the only other fixed structure, and the bedroom certainly isn't private by any means.

With the living quarters demarcated by a rectangular birch-ply panelled floor and a concrete-screed surround, it is the array of concrete pillars that line the centre of the room that provides the space with at least some natural breaks. With all of it's former industrial past on show, wouldn't this space just be amazing to live in?

Featuring large windows at either end in attempt to bring the outdoors in and flirt with an indoor-outdoor relationship (also courtesy of a Juliet balcony that has leafy views over the quiet street behind the building), it is but some warm-toned vertical lighting strips that illuminates the warehouse loft conversion at night. Located in a part of London which is particularly known to be the office spaces of some of the best designers (product, industrial and architects alike), SATORI & SCOUT can only imagine some local company's boss is the lucky owner of such premises. Discover more about the loft and it's sales listing online at: TheModernHouse.com

Photography credit : The Modern House

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