LeGrow Modular Plant Greenery

With 2017 the Year of the Green, it would be wrong to think that such an award remains true to paint pots, fashion and art. Perhaps the most greenest thing of all is nature, and though omnipresent, a surge in plant furniture and hydroponics has certainly been there to see. With Instagram Accounts near you plastered with such colours and design ideas, and with landscape enthusiasts doing their thing, there needs to be a cohesive get-together.

The LeGrow smart garden kits are bidding on Kickstarter right now, and the designers are attempting to innovate in an otherwise consistently consistent industry. Interest in plant growing has of course been around for millenniums (restraining hard to not write chrysanthemum as an intended pun), but with floor space decreasing in the modern home, various recent designers have introduced small, modular ideas. Taking inspiration from LEGO, SATORI & SCOUT's latest scout might just be the most commercially realistic and well conceived yet. Attempting to make the motherhood and fatherhood of plants a simple matter of building modular blocks together to create an ecosystem of your own, there are certainly educational merits here too.

In promotion of growing and maintaining plants, every LeGrow growth pot is innovatively fitted with an internal water reservoir to control the liquid's flow. Beyond such, LED lamp blocks feature dual-bulbs to help stimulate plant growth with their 50,000 Lux powers; ideal in winter to play the role of the sun within photosynthesis. A 360° Humidifier is available to replicate natural environment mist and provide moisture for plants to prevent drought, and finally, a Power Pot is a standard growth pot but with additional (waterproof) USB charging ports. Marketing itself as ideal in office spaces, libraries and universities abound, might LeGrow plant pots really be the (plant) growth of the future?

Discover more about the speaker and purchase online at: Kickstarter

Photography credit : Kickstarter.com

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