Kokili Vase For Friend Mary

A team design that aims to often find romantic product designs as much as the innovative, SATORI & SCOUT's favourite in a short while is this by Kokili Projects. Termed the 'Mary', the simple yet beautiful wall hung vase evokes the power that is an empty frame. Where a single stem can be slotted into a transparent and slim vase at the base of the wooden circular frame, the blooming of the flower brings any space to life, literally becoming framed art. Made from solid hardwood, the Kokili Projects' contemporary circular vase accentuates the beauty that the flower possesses, yet also doesn't command much of a space in doing so.

Inspired by the designer's friend Mary who has a ritual of picking a flower or small bunch from a garden each day and placing them in a small bottle vase, the documenting of each flower with a photograph and short note, inspired Kokili Projects to think about the framing of a flower and it's growth on a daily basis. Discover more about the flower vase and purchase online at: KokiliProjects.com.

hotography credit : Kokili Projects

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