Jungalow's Courtyard Of Informal Planting

The relationship between inside and out is so key for a home of spiritual/aspirational feels, and this home in Surat (India) just about makes that point entirely. Arranged around a courtyard that is bound by glass walls to open up the interior spaces, the homeowner's agricultural occupation transcends into this home's urban greenery. In a suburban area with rows of townhouses and a typically very dry climate, this home's courtyard attempts to trap and harness all the goodness in its natural sunlight.

Named Jungalow, the home features planting inside and out, entirely making up for the home's lacking garden. As it's architects Neogenesis+Studi0261 explain,"...abstraction of urban farming can be seen in both exterior and interior spaces. The basic building materials are kept to their natural form and texture to comprehend the naturality of flora." With a series of terraces and balconies throughout, the generally open plan home sees creeping plants help to shade the home from direct sunlight whilst the courtyard's circular opening allows the filtering of natural light. Other sunlight filtering ideas continue with louvres, trellis and cantilevering roofs strategically placed. The feel-good-about-yourself life best served nomadic and natural, this Jungalow aligns very well with SATORI & SCOUT's design objectives.

Discover more about the architect online at: Facebook.com/studioneogenesis

Photography credit : Neogenesis + Studio0261

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