Peeing On This Ad May Change Your life: IKEA

We agree, a strange statement to make, but peeing on this latest IKEA ad may indeed change your life. Going great lengths to advertise their membership-only 'family discounts', this advert features a pregnancy test strip that reveals a special discount offer when it detects a positive pregnancy result in woman's urine. Certainly novel and unique.

Designed by Swedish design agency Akestam Holst, the entire advert is designed to appear normal amongst the larger portfolio of IKEA adverts. Offering seemingly-typical insert space for IKEA's Sundvick baby crib, the advert features the pregnancy strip area at the bottom of the page. As Akestam Holst explains, "...the whole ad is a pregnancy test that actually interacts with your potential pregnancy. Instead of a simple line indicating a positive result, IKEA presents you with a better price on a new baby crib if you're pregnant. All in real time, right there in the ad." Via a careful selection of materials and technology, this A4 page would certainly have cost more than a typical advert.

IKEA are increasingly applying a tongue-in-cheek approach to their advertising campaigns of late, whereby SATORI & SCOUT have previously covered their baseball hat and flatpack Donald Trump wall instructions. Discover more about the design agency online at:

Photography credit : IKEA

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