The Canadian (Slender) Boathouse

Who ever said that the bungalow house-type wasn't cool? Designed by MU Architecture from Canada, this private residence is located in Quebec and has it's very own secluded boathouse and bay, what more could you ever want? Named The Slender House, this split-storey bungalow is perched upon retaining walls to create the loveliest of site gradients, and made from black wood, glazing and granite for the best of materialities. It's boathouse counterpart is equally black in tone and features a kitchenette and accessible roof terrace for the best of lifestyles. A contemporary reinterpretation of the known bungalow stereotype, MU Architecture explain that "...from the street, the roof literally becomes a fifth facade.

The discreet and fascinating approach gives us the impression of sinking into the ground between a hanging garden and the house." Explaining the home's layout, "...all the rooms of the house are positioned to form one single linear row", and in doing so, offer the most fantastic panoramic views of the lake and beyond.

With entry made via the home's large glass wall and side door, the interior's open-plan kitchen and living room are found central to the home, literally and metaphorically. Bedrooms are located in the lower levels of the house and in doing so, this split level allows bedroom access to the waterfront.

Offering a varied terrain throughout the home and its nearby landscape, SATORI & SCOUT cannot even imagine how amazing it would be to wake up to the sun-kissed lake and wander down to the boathouse to bathe the day away. The aspirational lifestyle entirely. Discover more about the design studio online at:

Photography credit : Architecture MU
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