Isolate Fish Tanks Of Minimal Elegance

There was once a recent-ish time when owning a fish tank was fashionable and the craze, followed by a lull due to people's maintenance perceptions of the pet of choice, but it seems that such a refined luxury is becoming popular again. Recently featuring the super minimalist fish tank designs of Misawas, Isolate by Okeanos Aquascaping is another brand that is offering such awesome aquarium options.

A boutique manufacturer in Okeanos Aquascaping, Isolate was conceived by designer-duo Martin Schapira and Nathan Kamelhar and their aquarium designs are both advanced in technology yet of high contemporary design. Sleek, stylish and minimal, every aquarium can be a home for either fresh or saltwater fish, or even a planted terrarium. As advertised, "...A vivarium crafted and designed to perfection, integrating elegance, functionality, and beauty without compromising simplicity...", and SATORI & SCOUT would agree.

Aptly named Isolate, the aquariums allow any fish-fanatic to enjoy their self-contained and personalised miniature environment. Offering minimal fish terrain ideas (perhaps the main point of difference from Misawas' aquarium designs), Isolate hope that their customers admire the beauty of nature as much as the minimal designs of the tank environments. Inclusive of filtration and heating systems, the designs are available with various lamp, decor and foliage options.

With collaborations with various architects, designers and artists, and exhibitions at New York's MoMA and the Centre Pompidou, Isolate by Okeanos Aquascaping is certainly of high design, and SATORI & SCOUT reckon they'd look absolutely fantastic as a standalone statement piece within your home.

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Photography credit : Isolat-e

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