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A design classic that has seen a well-received comeback in recent years is vinyl records, and over the last 15 years such a music source has slowly become more and more popular (again). Somewhat fashioned by the struggling vinyl industry 15 years ago when it was almost obsolete forever, vinyl records now boast over 8% of all music sales in the UK (source unknown). It is certainly really cool to see the comeback develop over time whereby high street music stores have introduced whole aisles dedicated to the music source, as well as actual record shops opening up across Great Britain (and beyond).

Via the dual attraction of actually owning the music that you wish to listen to and also having the delight of seeing the pieces of art that adorn every vinyl's front cover, you might assume that if people were to place effort into finding their favourite vinyls, that they'd store them at home with equal 'prized possession' nature. Not usually the case where all so often records get piled or stored in a standard bookshelf, Japanese designer Kai Takeshima has built a vinyl record storage and organiser option that is certainly appealing. Manufactured from walnut, the design replicates a vinyl store's displays and enables you to fashionably store your purchases gracefully in the comfort of your home (or studio).

Offering the ability to store 300 records, this luxury piece of furniture is little over a metre long and half metre deep and has six compartments that are tilted to give you the pleasure of flipping through your prized collection. Of a certain minimalism that SATORI & SCOUT certainly loves, Takeshima has finished the vinyl record storage design with a subtle brass bar that spans the front of the display case. A must for any vinyl record enthusiast, the question really is how many do you need?

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