A Soma Water Bottle For Life

As people's outfits evolve over time with each and every one of us having individual taste and style, it is the accessory industry that has really caught up to speed in recent years. With reusable tote (square) bags and hats of various kinds becoming the in-thing for fashionistas, and the carrying of a disposable cup from a well known High Street coffee house being a fad for all fans of convenience, it has now become the turn of the water bottle to become much more than just be limited to athletes.

Of a much-needed makeover, Soma from San Francisco (USA) has redesigned the commonly-plastic bottle and hopes the design will be adopted world over as much as the instantly recognisable coffee cup has. Already well known for their highly functional and aesthetic water pitchers, Soma's attention is now fully on their minimal glass water bottles and the new quality products are certainly an improvement from carrying either a typical water bottle purchased from a convenience store, or a sports bottle.

Of socially responsible merit whereby Soma outline that "..for every Soma Bottle purchased, a donation is made to 'charity: water', our nonprofit partner to support safe drinking water projects globally...", the reusable, high quality design of the Soma bottle will certainly be much loved. A glass container that is complete with a silicone sleeve and a FSC-certified bamboo leak-proof cap, the slender Soma bottle is both lightweight and able to hold a more than respectable 500ml amount of water. Offered in either white, grey, eggplant or mint, SATORI & SCOUT are highly confident that you will soon want to replace carrying around a coffee cup with a Soma bottle.

Enjoy your new water bottle and purchase online at DrinkSoma.com.

Photography credit : Soma

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