The Multicultured Clapham Filming Shoot Apartment

When you already work in the film industry and lawfully own an established filming location, then the first thing that comes to your mind is probably to create a new agency business that would soon have a vast portfolio of locations and properties, right? The realisation for one man in London, Jonathan (of no known surname, so obviously a mysterious movie-star) created Shoot Factory and this business is an agency that has amazingly photogenic properties available for photographic shoot, filming, TV screening and event locations.

Now boasting over 40 London apartments, over 150 London townhouses, over 140 other properties across the UK, over 60 photo studios, over 20 event-specific locations, over 35 'quirky' areas and over 25 commercial spaces, Shoot Factory definitely have an eye for quality taste. Browsing their collection, it is definitely this London Apartment that can be found in Clapham, London (UK), that has us more than excited.

Partly West-American, somewhat Spanish-Portuguese and with a flirtation to industrial heritage, this eclectically fitted-out, globally-inspired property has a huge amount of character and appeal. With a coupling of greys and white, with vibrant oranges and natural browns, the earthy apartment is both minimalist and characterfully furnished. The apartment's large living space has a wonderfully white canvas from which all its furnishings jump out against, whereby a particular note should be taken of its animal rug and dangling decorations that were probably each sourced from the Americas; the selection of tiles present in the kitchenette and bathrooms echo more of South Western Europe; awhile the concrete roof and white washed timber deck floor are most synonymous with Britain's industrial past. A vast mixture of styles and cultures. Discover all Shoot Factory's other locations at

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