Interactive Children's Play Home

What do you do when you need many rooms in a home, but also maximum visibility? What do you also do when you have many children in your home, yet don't want to have the space cluttered with toys? As designed by Ruetemple, the Moscow (Russia) based family home accommodates all these needs by featuring suspended nets for children to play on and climb, and bedrooms that are located as overhangs to the central areas below.

With openness a core focus to the design, natural light fills the residence as much as the homeowners can see their children playing. With nets located over communal living areas, the architecture and space is not only maximised, but opened up and made entirely interactive. With upstairs rooms also featuring overhangs to overlook the rooms below, the white-decorated home is essentially a living play area.

Offering geometric holes to allow light and fuel further curiosity in the minds of the children (and adults), the irregular layout is matched by the non-conventional wall structures. Nets are becoming increasingly popular in domestic and commercial buildings to define spaces but not inhibit them, and this home makes best use of all their benefits. Space-saving, maybe nets are worth an installation at your humble abode.

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Photography credit : Ruetemple

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