Duo Smart Mirror Of Many Features

With conceptual designs coming and going all the time, SATORI & SCOUT are proud to see the very best. Often, such conceptual designs reach little more than the drawing board, and though this is often a sad reality, it does mean that the most innovative excel beyond the plethora. The Duo Smart Mirror is ready to launch, and it's fantastic.

Described as a mission control for your home, the Duo Smart Mirror is an AI computer as much as it is a mirror. The benefits of the mirror are, err, reflectivity, but the mighty power of Albert's brains - yes, he's called Albert - are quite something. In fact, you can personalise Albert to become someone else, by name, gender, accent and humour, but fundamentally, the AI brain has the ability to play music and videos, read the news, control the lights, set the temperature and check the weather. With an impressive performance matched by it's 27" HD display, 5 point multi-touch and voice activation, what is there not to love, except yourself in the mirror, right?

Powered by apps, the Duo Smart computer mirror comes packed with many useful ideas, as well as an App Store app for all your needs. With it's own Applet Bar, simple drag and launch actions to give yourself the ability to really master your mission control. Sleek and understated, the mirror will certainly complement any minimalist interior, whilst mission control enhance anyone's daily life. Currently taking pre-orders to launch in October 2017, the way in which the media buzz is going, you might want to place your money where your heart is. SATORI & SCOUT are certainly looking forward to when ours arrive.

Discover more about the invention at: Duo.com

Photography credit : Duo

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