Industrial Russian Apartment For Any Man

SATORI & SCOUT's scouts (a mouthful, we know) often discover non-gender specific discoveries and we love to share ideas that can be enjoyed by all, but this home in Moscow (Russia) is certainly aimed at males. Measuring a very modest 48 square meters, this highly compact apartment is possibly the coolest most awesome small space, for one person only of course. Occupied by a young single man, which to be honest you might have guessed from the decor, the home seeks to be everything a fresh university graduate could ever want. Designed by Geometrium, the compact flat includes an enclosed sleeping area, an open living space that includes the kitchen, dining room and living room as one, and a bathroom worthy of any 5 star hotel.

Recently renovated, the kitchen and bathroom retained their location, however the bedroom's move to the middle of the flat creates decent spacing and massing to enable clear walkways. Offering a contemporary feel that is both accessible and affordable, yet quirky, this flat is a good example of how a little bit of creativity can go a long way; ever thought about using a metallic frame to separate your bedroom from the rest of space rather than conventional walls? Intended to keep the flat as open plan as possible, the materials from each space flow into one another. Industrial in tone, natural slate tiles, bricks and a concrete ceiling echo the contemporary feel; the bricks, in fact, are concrete alternatives, but you'd never know.

A particular favourite area of SATORI & SCOUT is the bathroom, in which the tiles give a geometric look that does everything to complement the 'future age' appeal of the apartment. Styled with our ever favourite IKEA, there is nothing in this house that isn't achievable by you and your aspirational designs. Discover more about the home online at: 

Photography credit : Geometrium
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