Oasis Office Planters For Any Dull Desk

Stress can build with a disorganised desk, and alongside the idea of 'cubicle life' in which people become stuck at their desk without interaction with the outside world via windows and fresh air, adding plants can particularly brighten up and heal any space. Additionally benefitting mental health, as well as being a talking point and/or personal satisfaction, these planters are the latest in the series of indoor air plants that SATORI & SCOUT have featured.

Designed by Singapore-based Michelle Kartokusumo, the intention of the pure oasis of design is to encourage employers and employees to interact and add greenery to any dull office space. Via a series of magnets, each pot is able to stick to the wall, be hung from a desktop stand, or simply placed on the table surface. By inspiration of magnetic poster boards, the easy ability to add and remove each planter from the wall will assist in easier watering as well as group sharing and interchanging of plants. Named an Oasis, the composition of these desk plants could be everything of one, adding plant growth in an otherwise 'non-inhabitable' space, i.e. your desk. Enabling you the ability to grow a variety of plants, from air plants, succulents or creepers, the choice is yours. Pastel-coloured backboard not included, but totally recommended. Of course, such a neo-thinking concept has been borne from an East Asian designer; plant-life is the future.

Discover more about the designer online at: MichelleKartokusumo.com/portfolio

Photography credit : Michelle Kartokusumo

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