Cleaning Urban Dweller's BRID Air

Sadly as the world evolves the way it is, urban spaces and places are increasingly becoming polluted. Whether a developed country or not, pollutants and/or allergens are becoming more widespread. Though air filtration devices are hardly the most glamorous of devices for any home to feature, BRID has other ideas in making them commonplace within the aspirational, contemporary home. Requiring an outlay cost to purchase the device as well as ongoing costs of new air filters as time passes, air purifiers often present themselves with little attraction. Taking cost as a barrier of purchase, BRID have developed a modular 'ozone-free photocatalytic' version that essentially makes replacement filters redundant. Designed and working like a layer cake (no, not the artisan, edible layer cake as previously featured), BRID features vertical modularisation in it's stacking element.

Successfully removing any interior of pollutants, the device works by forcing it's air through a non-woven fabric and via a porous, honeycomb ceramic filter. Developed with science, the device features nano-particulate surfaces and bright (internal) LED lights to fight bacteria, odours and various other gassy elements. Typically UV light photocatalytic air purification systems come with side effects, but not this combi-version. To overcome the requirement for replacement filters, a titanium dioxide coating acts as an anti-bacterial agent to ensure that their tap-washing is all that is required (it's all very sciencey), and to enable stronger purification capabilities over time, it's modular nature allows for further filter systems to sit alongside one another.

A catch-22 for the designers, let's hope you don't live or work in an unbelievably polluted space to require that many modules; we might recommend alternative accommodation at that point. Not cheap, this device is showing now on Kickstarter. Discover more about this Kickstarter online at: 

Photography credit : BRID
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