Secluded Dutch Loft Centred About The Patio

A lot can be said about the choice of aspirational lifestyles a person wants to lead, and those who are lucky enough to find themselves in a position to own a beautiful loft in a beautiful city must have 'done it right', right? Know to always wanting to share aspirational ideas with our readers, SATORI & SCOUT are particularly in love with this residence, more so for it's boldness in juxtaposing such hard and soft furnishings than any other over-ambitious design feature(s).

A modest-in-size apartment that finds itself in Amsterdam (Holland), the once converted canal house has been wonderfully conceived by Standard Studio. A former courtyard with access to all the rays of sunshine, the super-secluded apartment loft has only it's double garage door to any public facade; in fact so secluded that it is this very garage that marks the only entrance into the home as opposed to any kind of formal front door.

Boasting a beautiful patio surrounded by hard and soft surfaces as plentiful as the apartment's interior, this material juxtaposition is super-modern and appealing. Featuring a total of six skylights to provide additional forms of light into the internal spaces, most of the interior is open plan (and painted white with black tiles and other dark material surfaces, of course). With light filtering through into the spaces in a much more direct manner than any conventional glazing method, each room is super light and airry.

In SATORI & SCOUT's eyes the home's best feature must definitely be the bathtub located in the master bedroom, tactically located adjacent to the patio's sliding doors to allow all those serene outside bathing sessions. As Standard Studio explain, "...Even though the loft is in the middle of a residential courtyard there is a lot of privacy because no direct visible connection is made through the surrounding buildings. The end result is a bright and vibrant open floor plan that suits the lifestyle of the inhabitants - open but private." Absolutely perfect, we say. Discover more about the architects online at:

Photography credit : Standard Studio

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