The Creative LEGO House

From brick waterfalls to figurines' hands and faces, rainbows of colour to interactive games, LEGO have once again triumphed in what can only be described as a parallel universe. Perhaps not, but the wonderful world of LEGO is really nicely scripted and the brand is soon to open it's doors to it's Bjarke Ingels designed Experience Centre. Named the "LEGO house", as you might expect, the building will soon welcome the public into it's wonderfully creative world from September 28th 2017 onwards.

Shown in the above gallery under construction, SATORI & SCOUT have scouted such a find due to LEGO's unprecedented character, charm and creativity. Located in Billund (Denmark), the "home of the brick" will showcase a portfolio of creative experiences for it's visitors from all around the world. Early estimations are pitching the exhibition space at receiving approximately 250,000 guests annually with around 2,500 visitors on peak days. Perhaps not sounding much by Alton Towers or Disneyland Florida's standards, but such figures hold strong as an immersive venue, one that SATORI & SCOUT will certainly by visiting soon.

Comprising of 21 white bricks that are stacked on top of one other, the LEGO house features it's synonymous 2x4 bricks as the design element to the building. Acting as space dividers to the internal space, "...the building itself reflects what LEGO play and the LEGO values are all about..." explains Jesper Vilstrup of LEGO house, "...the LEGO brick has been incorporated into the architecture in a simple, but ingenious way, and visualises the systematic creativity that lies at the very core of all LEGO play." Complete with two storeys of play zones that are segmented by their colour (red is creative, blue is cognitive, green is social, and yellow is emotional), the house will also feature a history archive for the true fan as well as a balcony deck to observe the local surroundings.

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Photography credit : Lego

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