Weatherproof Garden Igloo, Literally

The aspirational lifestyle that we promote has just seen it's bar raised. Seriously. As Winter is now in full swing and Summer is just an all too distant memory (or future thought), utilising the garden is often restricted this time of year. Despite the Summer sunshine and nice weather that accompanies not lasting an entire 365 days of the year, as much as the amazing snowfall doesn't either, to be able to enjoy the garden whatever the weather would be ideal.

Via the help of Gardenigloo - yes an igloo in your garden - you can enjoy the great outdoors within your home's perimeter fenceline, or beyond it for that matter, whether there be rain, snow, or shine. A 360 degree full geodesic domed igloo that is made from PVC, the 100% weatherproof igloo design enables you and your family and friends to truly spend more time outdoors dining, reading, napping, hot tubbing, watching the stars, or all of the above.

Rust resistant so that you needn't worry about much maintenance, the igloo is able to be constructed within two hours. Via it's geodesic form and size, the internal environment will receive maximum solar gains as well as receive optimal air flow around the space and uniform temperatures. With the shape being spherical, the igloo will be resistant to the weight of snow (max 90lbs) and strong winds, all in all mimicking a real life iced block alternative commonly found in Antarctica and on cartoons.

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