From Africa To Moscow, Apartment Life

Have you ever been so inspired on your travels that you just wish to live that lifestyle forever?! A thought that often leads on to perhaps emigration for one year or studying abroad at a foreign University, but one Russian man took this notion a step further and re-created his own interpretation of an African paradise in his modest flat.

Measuring just 46 square foot, and with minimal existing architectural features to the residence other than anything new he was to create, the young man desired for his Odintsovo (Russia) home to reflect his amazing trips to Africa. Designed by Moscow-based studio SHKAF Architects, the neutrally finished interiors are really authentic and the small space has been really creatively re-designed. With just a living room (and kitchenette), a study, bathroom and a bedroom to the home's occupancy, the African theme continues throughout and tells a compelling story of obvious inspiration.

Via non-standard architectural techniques, the home is somewhat a literal interpretation of the Savanna. With large surfaces of wall of wonderful textures and patterns, and of colours that best allows shadow to interact and give depth, these non-typical fixtures are really quite unique in a residential setting. Equal to these textures, the kitchenette in particular features a wonderfully lustful timber, and the wallpapers are such to imitate an African animal's skin. With no superfluous decoration, and only African inspired textiles and furniture, the flat is a really true interpretation and proves that even the smallest of homes can be transformed into something personal and fantastic.

Not so sure you can source ethnic drums from the UK, we assume that some of the furnishings have been imported, and as such, SATORI & SCOUT cannot find much fault with the super authentic African decor. Be inspired for your own home and discover more at

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