The Ultimate Of Aspirational NYC Apartments

Without reading the headline and expecting marble, gold and moonstone to line every surface, complete with caviar on tap and a butler service that will make anyone envious, no, SATORI & SCOUT only features the most aspirational of ideas and concerns; we think this loft may be the best we've seen in a very long while. In a former hospital building that offers its upper floor residences views of the local St. Marks Church, the apartment is very light and airy, and uses the building's maximum potential without going overboard. Of minimalism and homeliness, we are so inspired.

Designed by New York City based architects Shadow Architects, this recently reconfigured apartment is a complete renovation of its former hospital-self. With a large scale open-plan living space that has windows on all three sides, tall all-white walls and ceilings, and no TV screen on show until such time as it being required (upon when it draws down from the ceiling), everything maximises the apartment's high-style. With black-ionised steel fixtures and doors, and statement furniture pieces such as the draped lamps over the dining table, their colour contrasts well with the whiteness of the walls. All soft furnishings are casual, but laid out formerly, comfortably breaking the large rooms into cosy spaces. The kitchenette that sits as part of the dining area is particularly subtle, fading into the white walls, whilst such wall colour continues throughout into the apartment's bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways. With small spaces connecting the larger rooms, the home's intimacy climaxes the high-style, truly giving this residence top marks for SATORI & SCOUT.

Shadow Architects specialise in environments for living, working, entertaining, and retreating from the everyday, and with vast experience of house renovations and loft conversions, as well as furniture and cabinetry design, the designers have once again achieved both really well at this casual New York apartment... Discover more apartment options at Shadow Architects.

Photography credit : Elizabeth Lippman

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