Modular D12 Lighting By Plato Design

A modular lighting system that is both visually appealing and of high-versatility, the D-12 has come of age as a revolutionary LED lighting unit created to be able to continually suit your changing home-furnishing needs. With magnetic connections around each module, you are able to reconfigure it's placement as and when you please. Choose any number of modules for your workspace, living room or any other room for that matter, configure its modular configuration and orientate each light as you see fit. The brainchild of Plato Design, the Italian architect designers have created a great product and idea.

As a creatively functional piece of lighting for any home or workspace, the D-12's particular cool aesthetic is coupled with customisation and soft-engineering, and the combined features are really quite appealing. You can sit each D-12 singularly or shape your larger combination (up to seven modules maximum) as your room adapts to its user's daily usages. Perhaps the light is beneath some art and you want the optimum lighting, or perhaps it is in some form of chill area and you want the lights to adapt throughout the course of the night, there really are many applications and environments for such an idea.

The orientations of each light's rays are easy to amend by simply rotating the modules with your hands. With unlimited potential forms, dimensions and orientations, use the lamp functionally or sculpturally (or both!). Via the standardised dodecahedron-shaped form, each unit has three magnetized sides that allow a connection between the modules and the passage of electricity from one to another, enabling you to have only just one connected to the mains socket. Completely safe to touch due to the extra-low voltage current, and available in standard, Luxe (of the most quality of materials) and Basic (for single use combinations and made out of concrete for a unique set of needs and aesthetic), what are your plans for your new lighting system?

With a certain dynamism, SATORI & SCOUT really love the D12's handicraft nature. View the D12 catalogue and discover more at

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