La Maison Haute In The Landscape

SATORI & SCOUT are pretty sure that you've all dreamt of that rural getaway up in the European mountains, perhaps wide-eyed over the houses that are commonplace in the James Bond film series, for example. Despite some obvious locations for such homes, there are also many others that are less immediately obvious and both Canada and America are awash with suitable snowy locations for that scenic cabin.

A rural holiday home near Lake Clair in Quebec (Canada), La Maison Haute by Atelier Pierre Thibault is one that offers an oversized window wall with terrifically expansive views of the scenic terrain. Sitting atop a plateau, mature trees and a nearby river set the scene for the high-aesthetic home.

As Atelier Pierre Thibault explains, "...residents can appreciate the sound of pouring water and the clicking of leaves, and watch the slow fall of snowflakes." Finished in cedar wood and with sloped roofs, the medium sized home has some lovely internal details: the sitting room is complete with a gorgeous fireplace, the basement gains natural light via a narrow strip cut through the floor above, whilst every room feels larger than reality with their ample glazing and high ceilings. An airy environment throughout, the home really does open up to a guest following walking through the small front door.

Playing with the internal / external relationship that successful architecture does so well, the home features various log-cabin characteristics. The home's black wood-burning stove is complete with a visible chimney that dangles effortlessly from the roof, whilst "...the master bedroom gives the impression of sleeping in a cosy cabin, lodged in the branches," Thibault explains.

A simple, modern decor that doesn't amplify the home into a carbon copy of a James Bond residence - we also have the log cabin in the 2003 version of The Italian Job on our minds -, SATORI & SCOUT feel everything is so genuine yet contemporary; truth be to the materials.

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