Floating Colombian Book Shelf

Whilst on the offset you may think "huh, okay, a bookshelf", yet actually upon close inspection, SATORI & SCOUT reckons you might just want to add this to your next wishlist. Have you ever thought that your solid-build furniture is solid in material and weight and is arguably too dominant in your home space?

Designed by Juan Carlos Franco, the new bookshelf for Colombian-based Vrokka is manufactured from solid oak (as pictured). Via the careful merging of technology with super skilled craftsmanship, the Bookshelf A1 is a svelte timber skeleton frame that has the ability to support shelves that seem to float mid-air. A merging of two opposites, the visually heavy furniture and material conflicts and complements the airry design quirk, all in all giving the effect that this bookshelf is infact light.

Available in any type of wood, finish or colour for the frame, and material for the shelving, perhaps make the heaviest of stone or metal planks appear to float?

Discover more about the designers at Vrokka.com

Photography credit : Vrokka
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