Garden Glory Hoses And Luxuries

When we bounce ideas around the studio and publish about the aspirational lifestyle, about discovering classic designs and stylish new products, well-being ideas and topical social concerns, as well as cultural arts and architectural discoveries, sometimes we find a fusion of all subject areas in one combined, hi-lifestyle bundle. Based upon the act of learning, understanding and awakening to ideas and yourself, SATORI & SCOUT should be an informative resource to help you develop your lifestyle, discover new sides to your expression and self-nature, and above all else enjoy our aspirational lifestyle and ideas. As we suggest, 'the modern man and woman, of all guises, is not at the final stage in Darwin's evolutionary process, and the finer things in life bring enjoyment and self-expression.' And yet, does your garden offer real flair to match your lifestyle?

A brand of products that are the final touch in the styling of any modern exterior, Garden Glory is a really nice brand. With luxurious garden appliances that are very much above and beyond the usual at your local homeware store, if you were after that instant upgrade to your garden's aesthetic, then look not much further. With products mostly available in a fine selection of luxe colours that include pink, white, gold, black, turquoise and more, Garden Glory's offering of garden appliances ranges from garden hoses and reindeer wallmounts to diamond shaped watering cans, luxurious mailboxes, lion plant pots, spades and more. There is certainly an air of luxury when you consider how mundane these products otherwise are from some homewares retailers.

Based in Goteborg (Sweden) - one of SATORI & SCOUT's favourite countries and parts of the world, just to mention - Garden Glory will enable you to show your attitude and personality, whereby the brand believes that "your home should be the most important place in your life". SATORI & SCOUT very much agrees.

The story of Garden Glory began when founder Linda Brattlof moved into her very first house on the Swedish west coast. "A charming and inviting home that featured a patio and stunning garden" as Brattlof describes, her home offered a beautiful environment in which she could enjoy her family and friends. If such a scenario sounds familiar, so might the next part when Brattlof then realised that the garden hose that was on show looked very 'ugly'. After searching hard for a white hose that was luxurious and would complement the house that she so loved and put much effort into to decorate, there was no solution, and as such, Garden Glory was launched to offer alternative garden appliances, and haven't they done well...!

A personal favourite in the studio, the diamond shaped watering can really could be that final touch to any nice garden. No more do you need to hide away your watering can at the bottom of the garden shed when not in use, but in fact place it down wherever you finish watering, as if on purpose. Offering the ability to hold up to 8 litres of water, the watering can is far from just aesthetically pleasing, however.

On a similar vein and of equal favouritism in the studio, Garden Glory's luxurious garden hoses are just fantastic. Of super high quality and available in equally stylish colourways, these hoses are the ideal complement to any garden area where you can even be confident that casually leaving the hose around will no longer look messy, but in fact instantly 'Instagram-chic'. Made from PVC with a knitted reinforcement around the inner tube to make the hose pliable and non-kinking, the outer plastic surface is dirt repellent whilst also "free from lead, cadmium and phthalates which means that they are drinking water safe", as Garden Glory advises. For a completion of the garden hose ensemble, choose an adjustable hose nozzle from either the standard range or the Garden Glory De Luxe Series range, and trust us, they're well worth it. With three settings of jet, soft shower and mist, and with end connections that are compatible with any 1/2" water hose worldwide, the combination of luxury is really nice. SATORI & SCOUT were lucky to experience the brass nozzles as part of our collection, and we definitely think Garden Glory's products' quality are second to none.

Perhaps as 'Instagram-chic' as leaving the hose around, the powder coated aluminum reindeer hose wallmounts can enable you to beautifully store your hose on the side of a shed, house or patio wall etc, and once again, be a nice addition to the setting. A more basic hose wallmount is also available.

Perhaps the epitome of how unusually complementary Garden Glory products can be is their luxury garden spade. Made from solid brass and with a molded plastic handle that is more durable than wood and warmer to touch than steel, really quite literally leave this in the soil after use. What better way to decorate your garden with blooming flowers or the sight of rows of vegatable's leaves, and then seeing the garden spade that has put effort into the cultivation of such a natural environment. How lovely. Perhaps stuck for ideas? Be inspired by Garden Glory's garden combinations.

Mix and match. Discover more about the garden appliance brand at

Photography credit : GardenGlory

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