Tincture Of Cleanliness Epitome

The launch of any wellness brand is never going to be easy, yet Tincture's minimalistic method to go about things stretches far beyond their packaging design. Anastasia Brozler is a woman who has developed a variety of British fragrance brands with a list that includes Union and Illuminum. Standing proud with the accolade of being the former head of marketing for both L'Oreal and Estee Lauder in Europe and the founder of her own bespoke fragrance house Creative Perfumers, Brozler is ready to introduce Tincture.

Though a departure away from the fine fragrance world, Brozler has teamed up with her sister Angelika Davenport to create a new luxury cleaning concept that includes a range of washing up liquid, stain remover, handwash, floor concentration and many more. The duo are driven by a desire to elevate commonplace household items into luxurious cleaning tools, whereby it can be said that the Tincture's range certainly succeeds at being family-friendly and functional without any compromise on tasteful design - the oxagonal, pure white packaging is wonderful.

Blending essential oils and botanic ingredients with antiseptic properties, Tincture's product range offering "...eschews the use of harmful chemicals that exacerbate common conditions such as asthma, while boasting to be the first brand to incorporate silver technology into its formula and dispensers to prevent the spread of bacteria," as Brozler explains. Created in England with a clear competitive connection to heritage and ethics, whilst also being highly environmentally aware and offering sustainable sourcing, SATORI & SCOUT think that 'cleanliness' is epitomised at Tincture in every way: content, packaging, production method and impact on wellbeing.

Launching today, discover more at TinctureLondon.com.

Photography credit : Tincture London

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