Estonian Koda Summer House

Summer is upon us and SATORI & SCOUT have discovered this Summer House which is certainly going to peak your interests in Eastern Europe. Located in Muraste near Tallinn (Estonia), this house is a cluster of spatially-respective cuboid volumes made of timber and together features the most wonderful of faceted roofs and triangular roof lights. Both fantastic sources of natural light, this Summer House is simply stunning. Designed by KUU Arhitektid, the concept of the Summer House derives from the ancient Estonian tradition of 'koda', age-old timber dwellings that have been constructed in Estonia for many decades. A now archetype, this home is a modernised version of such a piece of history. Reinterpreting the simple wooden koda structures as a series of volumes that have angular roofs, their resulting interiors are airy and full of natural light by way of their internal ceiling heights.

With three uniquely functional volumes within the home's cluster, they involve a sauna, a living room and kitchen, and a bedroom and toilet. The two latter functional spaces are connected in literal terms to provide convenient and practical living circumstances, but the third (sauna) can be found a small way away in the courtyard, all in all giving a nice indoor/outdoor relationship.

Connected via decking to create a series of usable outdoor spaces, all of the home's exterior spaces and wall finishes are timber in structure and aesthetic. A neat point of difference between the living spaces and the sauna - the 'fun space', maybe? - is the colour difference in the timber cladding, two natural larch wood and one tar oiled larch wood to give a black colouring point of difference. A home complete with these fantastic floor-to-ceiling sliding doors to strengthen the indoor/outdoor relationship, such an aspect is matched by the internal furniture's colouring - grey, black and white; both the work of a true architect. Discover more about the architect online at:

Photography Credit : Tµnu Tunnel
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