Carriage House Of Workstead Character

SATORI & SCOUT's ongoing quest to discover the world's best homes and bring their interiors to you for your own inspiration is oh-so-exciting and fun for us, and this industrial home found in Charleston (USA) is right up there with the most 'nomadic-luxe' of homes. Yes, a made-up term, but we'll describe the term as being the nomadic 'appeal of unfinished finishings'. Full of earthy tones, luxurious furniture and unfinished finishings, the sum of all this home's parts is truly amazing in interior-design terms. In total complement of each other, the home's kitchen is as beautiful as its peaceful outdoor terrace as its glorious master bedroom. A former carriage/kitchen house, this home was once a small building to serve the main building behind but its new occupiers have transformed this into a dwelling to behold.

Designed by Workstead, the team achieved their final result by pairing back all brickwork and making much of it any given room's statement surface. Complete with rough details such as exposed beams and pipework, and in full complementation by gas fireplaces and wooden ceilings, this home's open-plan layout works superbly well with its rustic and historic appeal (normally older buildings have lots of smaller rooms that focus around one bigger room). With both dark and earthy-toned furnishings to contrast with and complement the walls tactile nature, even the kitchen counters and cabinet's handles offer a surface to behold.

With many of the home's windows and doors full-height and over-generous dimensionally, the home receives much natural light as if it were a former stable-block et al. SATORI & SCOUT really quite admire every space in this home, and we think we'll just let the gallery do the rest of the talking, *searches for flights to Charleston*. Discover more about the interior designers online at:

Photography credit : Jeff Holt
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