Piggy Bank / Table Lamp, You Decide

When someone comes to the table with an idea of a piggy bank meets table lamp, SATORI & SCOUT wouldn't be surprised if you thought 'huh(!), interesting.' Titled Dina, this table lamp is the product of Colombia-based MOAK Studio and is quite simply your everyday object with a very unusual twist. Looking at this table lamp you may initially think that its proportions are somewhat amiss and that such a feat is the lamp's main traits - it's a quirky lamp, thats all(?) - but little do you know that it has a secret piggy bank within. Whilst a wooden side pull switch adds to the object's unique design, it is but the lampshade's coin slot that is probably most intriguing.

A super interactive lamp in which coins are required to create lamp illumination (literally), this lamp does even more than just provide light, but also provide a reminder to us all the cost of electricity and energy consumption. Though the lamp does not require the paid coinage to be given to any electricity provider but only to be saved into an accessible container, it is this transactional procedure that teaches us a lesson. With the illumination able to be turned off via the pull switch, this object is everything normal about a table lamp but everything curious about a lifestyle change. Another design by MOAK Studio that gets SATORI & SCOUT's curiosities going is their breath-activated lamp (also in the photo gallery), and its basic provision of light is again in exchange for human interaction. Isn't good design great?

Discover more about the designer and collection online at: MoakStudio.com

Photography credit : MOAK Studio
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