Mexico's Luxury Recycled Hostel

When you think of oversized industrial concrete tubes, your mind won't wander too far from construction sites, shipping ports or perhaps underground sewers, so when we shall propose the thought of a luxury hostel, you would be forgiven for thinking that we are crazy. Not so much that we're the crazy ones - we merely scout and curate such wonders - but TuboHotel in Mexico have certainly made a bold move into the hotelier world with their contemporary concept.

The hostel is both great and unique for two main reasons, not to mention how novel the idea is. Firstly the tubular shape allows for a very convenient bedding solution, which is complete with all the soft furnishings you'd expect; a full set of linens, pillows, bedding, spacious under bed storage, and a headboard with electrical plugs, free wireless internet and a fan. Secondly, the thermic properties of the concrete that each "room" possesses naturally provides a very stable temperature throughout the day and night, and complete with front facing privacy curtains, you can feel as at home in your hostel's tube "room" as you would do at home. Located in Tepozteco, Mexico, the temperatures can certainly raise to a high level, and the design caters for a comfortable environment much better than you'd first think from such simple concrete tubes.

With the hostel's private rooms made entirely from industrial sized concrete drainage tubes, the layout of the hostel's site has some positioned above one another in a pyramidal format. With a large amount of privacy between each "room", the concrete tubes provide more than adequate protection against any noise and light. Despite each tube's singularity, many are positioned in a circular fashion with great common areas and a social environment in their centre, much like how a Native Andean village would have been hundreds of years ago. With the local village known to be magic, and located just some 45 minutes south away from Mexico City, Tepoztlan has a unique mixture of local habitants and wandering travellers, a balanced mixture that you will be hard to find anywhere else in Mexico.

As a simple and cost effective backpackers' dream (the hoteliers like to think), the usage of recycled concrete obviously does more than just provide a bed for someone's night or week. Concrete is known globally to be one of the worst ecological footprint influencers, and being recycled, the hostel has saved these environmental catalysts from becoming hazardous rubble as much as not required many construction materials to house their guests. With a glass wall frontage to everyone's tube, most guests can benefit from panoramic views across the mountain ranges, and the hotel has had an absolute minimal impact on the local ecology, landscape and environment. Prices to stay within this hostel's accommodation start from just £30 per night, and in addition to everyone's bedrooms, there are on-site bathroom houses, private showers, toilets and a local cuisine house. We hope the TubuHotel sounds as fun to you as it does to us.

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