Do Italian Product Designs Look The Same?

SATORI & SCOUT have covered a huge amount of designer brands in the recent months and whilst we love what we do, while we go about ourselves scouting newness, we do often wonder the inspiration of some brands. As has been suggested by Giulio Cappellini of Italian furniture company Cappellini, "...too many products look the same".

Making a comeback of the brand's own following new ownership under the wings of Haworth, Cappellini has been recently quoted as wanting to push the Italian industry to return to the values of previous decades, creating innovative contemporary products rather than a foray of widely similar goods. Not wanting to perhaps initiate a debate concerning Intellectual Property law, Cappellini says that the industry should strive to create "...products that can maybe be copied 80 per cent but not 100 per cent."

Once one of the most influential designers in the industry at the tail end of the last century, the company of Milan-based Cappellini was founded in 1946 and at the time was regarded as one of the most innovative and glamorous furniture brand in the world. Design today, however, focuses too much on lifestyle and not pure Italian-ness, Cappellini suggests. Do you agree? Discover more about the designer at:

Photography credit : Cappellini
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